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REBOOT Digital Technologies

REBOOT Digital Technologies

Recharge Your Device – Reboot Your World

Discover and enjoy REBOOT – a product that does more than simply powering your device. REBOOT is your personal hub for an endless array of exciting functions featuring the latest technologies.
Elegant and sophisticated or rather colourful and trendy?! No matter what you choose, rest assured to be always well equipped with a high quality device matching your individual taste as if tailor-made.

At REBOOT Digital Technologies, we focus most of our energy on innovation. That is why our Research & Development department is constantly looking for that next crazy idea, that next technological impossibility, to keep pushing the boundaries.

Recharge Your Device – Reboot Your World

Home & Garden Technologies

Laser lights for your garden, bluetooth speakers that look like mushrooms or rocks (well almost)! If that's your thing – we are happy to help.

In our Home & Garden Technologies area, we want to fast forward past these amusing and enlightening gimmicks, but for sure we like these as much as anyone else . . .

. . . For REBOOT Digital Technologies, this is much more serious part of our business. This is about safety in the home; functionality and design being very important – BUT! – This is a "safety first" zone.

Digitally controlled showering for the bathroom. Low voltage lighting and security switches for all around the home and the garden. Boiling water taps for the kitchen (watch our video), products that are safety controlled to avoid burns and scalds.

Quality entertainment systems and surge protected switches and sockets.

This is a big area, but isn't protecting our family the most important thing we can do?

  • Home and Garden Technology
  • Boiling Water Tap

Travel & Leisure Technologies

Travel is one of the pleasures we all enjoy, business, vacation, visiting the family, a daycation; but sometimes it can all get a bit tedious. The planning, the packing, the notes to cancel the milk, switch off or switch on the heating. Picking the right clothes used to be a chore, but now it's – what gadgets do we need, which phone, tablet or laptop will be sufficient; and then we need to consider – how do we keep all of these powered.

Keep it simple and keep it safe, that's our advice; carry as few devices as you need; these are expensive devices after all, what if they get stolen, what if we mislay them.

Whatever your travel needs they are here – and then some!!

The more functions your power bank has the less of other things you need to carry – consider your choices carefully. Be prepared.

The simplest, the best and "considering personal safety", we have every device you could possibly need.

Recharge Your Device – Reboot Your Safety.

  • Travel and Leisure Technology
  • Travel Power Chargers

Office & Home Digital Technologies

Including wireless & bluetooth connectivity, lighting, security and home efficiency controls.

Pushing the boundaries of technology and offering the latest must-have's for the office and the home. Simple to use connected devices, lighting and sound at your control through your home and office environment.

Intelligent control and safety controls in any environment – home or office – they add value and functionality for you and what you do. Security first and safety first devices digitally controlled at the touch of a button and in many cases connected through your smartphone.

Be efficient, be trendy! You set the pace of your success! This is a product area where it pays to invest; after all there are many things to keep safe whether in your office or in your home, you and your family and your prized possessions are not replaceable.

Your office and your home are places where you spend the majority of your time, working or relaxing, listening to music or writing the next 5 year business plan. So be comfortable, be safe and be connected.

There are a vast array of products all tuned to make your work / life balance something to be enjoyed.

Reboot your modern life.

  • Office and Home Digital Technology
  • Office and Home Devices

Mother & Child Technologies

Our products for this special category are carefully chosen according to our principle: Nothing but the very best will do! Great quality with safety as our focus for you and your child, no-one would expect anything less than this when it comes to the safety of our families.

This is another of our "safety first" zones.

A torch that fits in your purse or handbag, it has functions including a flashing light and very loud alarm that is easily activated in a time of distress. Connected to your phone to play music and answer an incoming call; but more! This torch is also a power bank to keep your phone fully charged.

In this area no-one can compromise "safety first" – so we are building an App that will allow the torch to not only flash and sound an alarm, it will call up to 4 predesignated telephone numbers to say – Help I am in Distress.

Reboot Your Personal Safety.

  • Mother and Child Technology
  • Power Bank Devices

Power Banks & Bluetooth Connected Devices

The most essential commodity to staying connected whilst on the move is power - the most essential tool to provide that power is a power bank.

And just like us, they come in every conceivable shape, size and colour. But perhaps the most important elements are the size of the product and the available power from the smallest possible size. In the end the colour and the texture and finish of the product is much less important than its capacity to keep you fully charged and fully connected.

Lovingly in our industry these products have been referred to as "the brick"; but that is changing at a very rapid rate. Advances in battery technology is moving at the fastest rate ever (mainly in the quest to power our cars and homes); and we in the business of mobile power banks are capitalising those advances very quickly.

Our suggestion – don't get too bogged down in a lot of industry jargon that manufacturers will use to confuse you. It's pretty simple really – is the power bank you select comfortable to travel with, and will it suffice your journey until the next time you can plug into a mains connection?

Just remember to consider how many devices you are travelling with! Many of us will have both a phone and a tablet. Remember to Recharge Your Device - it will Reboot Your Travel Experience.

  • Power Banks
  • Power Banks Battery Charger

Latest Gadgets

Technology does not stand still for very long. This is the area of our website where you can see the products we have recently launched or are just launching.

Keep in tune in this area, you just might miss the next big thing. If it's selfie sticks, then that's not what you will find here. We are pushing the boundaries of technology, not just offering more of yesterday's news; yesterday's "must haves".

This is where we focus on things that really add value. Fast charging power banks, solar technologies, QI technologies, wireless charging and multi-device charging.

If it's a buzz on the global technologies stage, it will be here first, AND be assured, we are not just offering what is already in the market; our design teams in the UK, Germany, France, the USA and China are pushing the forefront of cutting edge design and innovation.

If it's on the horizon, then we will bring it to you first – ONE CONDITION – safety comes first! – We WILL NOT bring products into any global market until we are fully satisfied that we meet all global accreditations for safety. That is our promise to our customers.

Reboot your device whenever, wherever and however you wish. Technology defined by YOU!

  • Latest Gadgets
  • Fast Charging Power Banks

Future Preview

The beauty of REBOOT Digital Technologies is the freedom you get with each device. Wherever you are in the world, be it your office, attending a meeting in China, during your time on a flight, cruising the Caribbean or the Mediterranean, in the back of a Taxi or Limousine, or just out walking the dog – you need to be able to enjoy hassle free communication while your phone is charged to the full at all times. Your music is connectable all the time, you can have your Skype call or keep in contact on Facebook or Instagram, or maybe just indulge in a quick tweet about your favourite movie star.

We need to be connected.

That priceless moment you want to capture on your phone only to discover – oops the battery just died!

In our Future Preview Forum, we will showcase for you the technologies you will be buzzing about in the coming months and even years.

New products, new technologies, new lifestyles . . .

. . . but more than that – REBOOT Digital Technologies is focused on personal safety.

Register here to ensure you receive our latest product and innovations bulletins.

Reboot Your World, Reboot Your Personal and Your Families Safety.

  • Reboot Battery Charger
  • Future Communications
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The greatest ideas lie beyond the horizon. And we need your help to get there. At REBOOT, we like to be close to our supporters. We value and appreciate any input given from those people who experience our products on a daily basis, whether in form of a product review, a suggestion for a new product, a video message, a tweet, a post, we want to hear from you! So check out our internet profile and leave us a message. Or use the form below to get directly in touch with the people who are working the real magic behind the scenes to reboot your life!

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